Driving While Impaired (DWI) is the act of operating or driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the degree that one's mental and/or motor skills are impaired. Whether from the influence of alcohol or drugs, DWI carries heavy penalties in North Carolina. As an experienced DWI defense firm, Jarvis Law, PLLC will help you navigate the legal system and we are committed to getting you the best possible outcome. 

      If the police violated your statutory or constitutional rights before or after your arrest for DWI you may have a valid defense. Police need reasonable suspicion of criminal activity to stop your vehicle and probable cause to arrest you on suspicion of DWI. If the police ask you to perform standard field sobriety testing (SFSTs) on the roadside, you need not agree to perform those tests. The results of any SFSTs will be used against you in court if your case proceeds to trial. However, refusing to give a sample of your breath after you have been arrested may result in a suspension of your driving privilege. After a person is arrested for DWI, the State must quickly bring you before a neutral and detached magistrate to set the terms and conditions of your release from police custody. If the police or magistrate fail to follow these statutory and constitutional protections, then Jarvis Law, PLLC will fight aggressively to get your case dismissed.

     When someone is charged with DWI in North Carolina, one of their biggest concerns is losing their driving privileges. If necessary, we will also assist you in obtaining a limited driving privilege (LDP), if eligible, even if your license was suspended due to a DWI. We will provide qualify representation at competitive prices, with payment plan options. If you have been charged with DWI, or your license is suspended due to a DWI, call us today for a free consultation.