Guardianship is not only for children, but also for adults. If a loved one is unable to make clear and cogent decisions, then he or she may need a guardian appointed by the court.

       There are two types of guardians, one is a guardian of the person and the other is a guardian of the estate. The guardian of the person has the sole purpose of performing duties relating to the care, custody, and control of the individual. The guardian of the estate has the sole purpose of managing the property, estate, and business affairs of the individual. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand which guardianship you are trying to seek and the best way to accomplish that goal.

       At Jarvis Law, our guardianship attorney serves as a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem in Mecklenburg and has a comprehensive understanding of guardianship law. We can assist individuals applying for guardianship of a special needs individual or incapacitated adult. Please call our office today to get assistance through this process.