You need an experienced criminal defense attorney who can protect your rights and get results.  At Jarvis Law, PLLC, we have been successful in getting criminal cases dismissed, mitigating punishment and winning at trial.

Just because you have been charged with an offense does not mean you are in fact guilty. DO NOT plead guilty to any offense without first contacting Jarvis Law, PLLC for a free consultation. Our goal is to keep a conviction off of your criminal record. As a seasoned and experienced criminal defense firm, Jarvis Law, PLLC understands that criminal records often prevent people from finding gainful employment, housing, educational opportunities and even qualifying for loans. We will carefully review the facts of your case for applicable defenses and work with the District Attorney in an attempt to dismiss or reduce your charge. When negotiations are not successful, we have the skill and knowledge to represent you in trial.

At Jarvis Law, PLLC we also understand the financial aspects of dealing with the court system. While representation fees vary depending on the type of case, we will provide quality representation at competitive prices with payment plan options. We may be able to handle your case without you having to appear in court. Call us today for a free phone consultation for your criminal matter.


Domestic Violence Protective Orders (DVPOs), or what are commonly referred to as " 50B Restraining Orders", are court orders that, at a minimum, require a person (i.e. the defendant) to have no contact with the person applying for the order (i.e. the plaintiff). DVPOs also generally include conditions that the defendant not threaten, abuse or harass the plaintiff. A DVPO could also create a temporary custody order when the parties involved have a child in common. It is important to consult with an experienced attorney in this area whether you are attempting to get a protective order or defending against one brought against you without merit, because a DVPO can not only keep a parent away from their child(ren), but could also lead to serious criminal charges if violated. 

In North Carolina, there are strict rules regarding who can apply for a DVPO and under what circumstances. In emergency cases, the court may hear from the victim of domestic violence and issue a temporary protective order even without the presence of the alleged abuser. This is known as an Ex-Parte order, which is only valid for 10 days after it is granted, after which a hearing must be held to determine whether to extend the order up to one year. As an experienced domestic violence attorney, I understand that not every situation warrants a DVPO, and often times people will try and get a restraining order to gain leverage in an on-going custody dispute. Contact us today if you need a DVPO to protect yourself and/or your family members, or if someone is trying to get a restraining order against you based on false representations. 

As an experienced Family Law firm in Charlotte, North Carolina, Jarvis Law, PLLC is committed to protecting our clients' individual rights. We have deep legal roots in counseling, negotiation, and trial advocacy, and we are well-prepared to tailor our approach around your specific situation. We promise to take the time to learn your goals and inform you of all of your options. The family court system can be confusing and intimidating. Count on us to help you understand your rights, your options and the family court standards, so that we can work together to structure the strongest case possible. 

Divorce and separation does not have to be an end — they can be a new beginning. We will provide you with the tools and resources you need so that you can move forward in a positive direction and attain the results that will work best for you and your family.  We can help clients develop effective custodial arrangements to address the best interests of the children both through the court system and outside of court when possible. In developing legal strategy, we are mindful of offering cost-effective legal solutions and we offer unbundled legal services to those with limited financial means. We maintain close communication with our clients, and will fight to protect your interests, assets and rights.  Contact our law firm today and discover how we can help you. 


      When a child 16 years of age or younger is accused of breaking the law they can be brought before the courts in a juvenile delinquency case.  In North Carolina, the juvenile court system is completely separate from adult criminal court. Any accused person, including a juvenile or minor, has legal rights, including the right to an attorney. These rights are protected by the United States Constitution and other State and Federal laws. Juveniles benefit from the same legal protections as adults including, a presumption of innocence, the right to a trial, and the requirement that at a trial the prosecutor must prove the alleged crime(s) were committed by the accused beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can be entered. 

As an experienced juvenile defense firm, Jarvis Law, PLLC understands that for the most part, children are powerless: they are not in a position to effectively articulate their needs, face an intimidating juvenile justice system, or create strategic solutions to their problems, legal or otherwise. We serve the express interests of our minor clients who are involved in the juvenile justice system. Let us help you navigate the legal process. Contact us today if you or your child has been accused of committing a criminal offense.


DO NOT sign your traffic ticket and agree to pay it off without first contacting Jarvis Law, PLLC for a free consultation. Traffic citations create two potential issues for you. First, traffic citations classified as moving-violations typically result in points on your license, which can ultimately lead to DMV suspending your driving privileges. Second, when points are assessed to your driving record, your insurance company reserves the right to increase your insurance premium for a period of three (3) years. We urge you not to accept these penalties without first talking with us.

 At Jarvis Law, PLLC we know the North Carolina traffic law and we strive to handle most speeding and similar tickets for $79.00! Although receiving a traffic citation can be stressful, we want to make this process as convenient as possible for you. We will go to court on your behalf to negotiate a reduction of your ticket with the District Attorney in order to obtain the best possible result. This keeps you from having to take a day off from work and allows you to avoid the anxiety of court proceedings.


Driving While Impaired (DWI) is the act of operating or driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the degree that one's mental and/or motor skills are impaired. Whether from the influence of alcohol or drugs, DWI carries heavy penalties in North Carolina. As an experienced DWI defense firm, Jarvis Law, PLLC will help you navigate the legal system and we are committed to getting you the best possible outcome. 

If the police violated your statutory or constitutional rights before or after your arrest for DWI you may have a valid defense. Police need reasonable suspicion of criminal activity to stop your vehicle and probable cause to arrest you on suspicion of DWI. If the police ask you to perform standard field sobriety testing (SFSTs) on the roadside, you need not agree to perform those tests. The results of any SFSTs will be used against you in court if your case proceeds to trial. However, refusing to give a sample of your breath after you have been arrested may result in a suspension of your driving privilege. After a person is arrested for DWI, the State must quickly bring you before a neutral and detached magistrate to set the terms and conditions of your release from police custody. If the police or magistrate fail to follow these statutory and constitutional protections, then Jarvis Law, PLLC will fight aggressively to get your case dismissed.

When someone is charged with DWI in North Carolina, one of their biggest concerns is losing their driving privileges. If necessary, we will also assist you in obtaining a limited driving privilege (LDP), if eligible, even if your license was suspended due to a DWI. We will provide quality representation at competitive prices with payment plan options. If you have been charged with DWI, or your license is suspended due to a DWI, call us today for a free consultation.